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"All things beverage inspired"

Welcome to BevTech Manufacturing.  Our unique line of handcrafted, "beverage inspired" products address age old problems with a style, convenience and beauty that will complement any decor.


Have you ever needed a CONVENIENT place to securely hold your beverage container while entertaining, working in your shop or garage or hanging out at your cabin or hunting lodge?


How many times have you taken a sip of your favorite canned, bottled or poured beverage then misplaced it or accidentally tipped it over?


Have you ever played "is-this-my-can/bottle/glass" as you try to figure out who's can/bottle/glass belongs to whom?


What about your flashlights?  Can you find your flashlights right now?  Are they conveniently located where you need them, when you need them?

Come in, browse around and enjoy your visit.  We look forward to serving you!